Von Nau
Photo by Asa Kawano

CHAD VON NAU b. 1984 USA I’ve worked professionally as an Interface Designer, Systems Administrator, Video Producer, Editor, Compositor, and Animator. I speak English, beginner Chinese, beginner Spanish, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Python. Ssssss. I have a BFA in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts in New York. I live in Los Angeles. I want to work with really smart people and make great things.


Royale   2012,   Editor

  • Editing and media management for E! “Pop of Culture” rebrand

Japanther & Spank Rock   2010,   Director

Kid Cudi   2009,   VFX

Animal Collective   2008,   Editor / VFX

  • Edited and composited the My Girls music video

Japanther   2006,   Director

Psyop   2005 – 2006,   Lead Tape Op

  • Edited reels and animatics
  • Prepared video for the web
  • Authored DVDs

Psyop   2005,   Roto Artist

  • Sheryl Crow Good is Good music video
  • Infiniti Overlook car ad