Chad von Nau is a designer, filmmaker, and developer.



CHAD VON NAU b. 1984 USA I’ve worked professionally as an Interface Designer, Systems Administrator, Video Producer, Editor, Compositor, and Animator. I speak English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Python. Ssssss. I have a BFA in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts in New York. I live in Queens. I want to work with really smart people and make great things.


Great American Art   2018 – present,   Lead Front End Developer

  • I design and develop the front end for an art framing business.
  • The site includes image search, an online store, and an artist portal.
  • I lead UI and UX design, and I contribute to the API design.

The Mill   2015 – 2018,   Front End Developer

  • Lexus “Slide” microsite
  • Riot Games “Kraken Priestess” web game
  • Garage Magazine AR iPad app
  • Rigetti “Quantum Chess” game

McKinsey   2016,   Front End Developer

  • “Connections” iPad kiosk and TV display app

Spectrum   2014 – 2015,   Front End Developer

  • Worked as CSS lead on the team that built the Spectrum website.

Caesar’s Entertainment   2014,   Front End Developer

  • microsite

Psyop   2011,   Interface Designer

  • Designed interfaces for internal production web apps

Dextrys   2007,   Lead Graphic Designer

  • Lived in China for a year
  • Designed websites for clients and promotional materials for the company
  • I had a team of 7 Chinese designers. I introduced weekly meetings, design lessons, progress reviews, and a collaborative workflow based around a file server.

Blacken   2002,   Web Designer

  • Designed flash site for my brother’s clothing brand, Blacken

NorthportSevs   2001,   Webmaster

  • Created local news and forum site for my home town
  • So far ahead of its time that it caused controversy in the school district


Royale   2012,   Editor

  • Editing and media management for E! “Pop of Culture” rebrand

Japanther & Spank Rock   2010,   Director

Kid Cudi   2009,   VFX

Animal Collective   2008,   Editor / VFX

  • Edited and composited the My Girls music video

Japanther   2006,   Director

Psyop   2005 – 2006,   Lead Tape Op

  • Edited reels and animatics
  • Prepared video for the web
  • Authored DVDs

Psyop   2005,   Roto Artist

  • Sheryl Crow Good is Good music video
  • Infiniti Overlook car ad


Royale   2017 – 2018,   Systems Administrator (Consultant)

  • I organized the company’s IT resources after a previous sysadmin left unexpectedly. Then I trained the new permanent sysadmin.

Psyop   2009 – 2011,   Systems Administrator

  • Set up a production software server. This reduced facility-wide software upgrade timeframe from weeks to minutes.
  • Performance tuned a StorNext SAN network for compositors
  • Administered RUSH & Royal render farms
  • Supported After Effects, Nuke, Maya, and Softimage users

School of Visual Arts   2008 – 2009,   Systems Administrator

  • Responsible for digital video facilities in the Computer Art Department (cameras, computer labs, and a greenscreen studio)
  • Purchased and deployed new video equipment and workstations
  • Supervised lab assistants on a regular basis
  • Started a department wiki, used for issue tracking and as a knowledge base

Dextrys   2007,   Lead Graphic Designer

  • I lived in China for a year. The company I worked for was a software outsourcing company that felt like corporate America, but in China.
  • Managed a team of 7 Chinese designers
  • Introduced weekly meetings, design lessons, progress reviews, and a streamlined workflow that centralized all work files and stock media on a new server

Psyop   2005 – 2006,   Lead Digital Media Operator

  • Responsible for all tape / DVD / digital output at the company
  • Managed and trained a team of 3 employees
  • Purchased, installed, and configured computers and video equipment
  • Set up ImageSAN SAN network for editors and digital media department

Psyop   2004 – 2005,   Tech Support

  • I started started working at Psyop part time while I went to school.
  • Worked directly with users in a helpdesk capacity
  • Built workstations and servers
  • Overhauled the server room. Increased the number of physical racks and changed the layout to make the machines easier to access.

School of Visual Arts   2003 – 2005,   Lab Assistant

  • Technical support for students and teachers
  • Supervised shoots in the greenscreen studio
  • Made system image for the computers in the digital video labs