Chad von Nau is a designer, filmmaker, and developer.



Chad von Nau (pronounced: von now)


I started my art career making websites for my CounterStrike clan. A clan is a team for online games, AKA I'm a nerd. Years ago, websites were all about having flashy animated intros, and I made my share. Of course, they were terrible, but I was hooked. I could create something from nothing and instantly broadcast it to the world. This was obviously the future.

I wanted to get better, so I took computer art and video classes at my highschool. Then art school in New York City. Since graduating, I've worked in both video post production and web development, making videos and websites and helping solve technical problems. I live in New York with a beautiful woman and an energetic boy. I've known serious injury, though I've never broken a bone, I play the guitar, poorly, and I love plants and animals.

Here are some travel photos, until I find a better place for them.