Chad von Nau is a designer, filmmaker, and developer.



Upset Triangle

I filmed Upset Triangle with special guests Kurt Braunohler, Dan St. Germain & Adam Newman. This was the last night that the old PIT theater on 29th Street was open, New Year’s Eve 2011.

Kid Cudi

Music video for the song Pursuit of Happiness. I did the special effects for one scene.

Japanther & Spank Rock

Music video for the song Radical Businessman. We painted a mural on our roof and went bodysurfing in the Atlantic. I produced and directed. The always beautiful, Asa Kawano, art directed.

Lost Cities

TV Pilot I worked on with my friend, Dan McNamara. I wrote, filmed, and did the special effects for the clip above. I also filmed and produced other segments. Watch the pilot

Animal Collective

Music video for the song My Girls. I edited and did the visual effects on this. My friend, Jon Vermilyea, did the animation.

Don't Feed the Beasts

PSA about the consequences of over consumption.


Art video about anxiety and how I deal with it. After the video was complete, I worked with Ian Vanek and Matt Reilly of Japanther to create a performance that went along with it. Watch the performance on public access