Chad von Nau is a designer, filmmaker, and developer.



Great American Art

2018 – present — Site design, API design, Vue front end for an art framing web app that runs on a Django backend.

Digital Giant

2019 — Vue and ThreeJS front end for a car configurator.

Write Label

2019 — WordPress marketing site for a writing as a service platform, including custom Gutenberg modules for increased authoring flexibility. (Dev)


2018 — Vue front end for a multiplayer Chess game with custom rules.

Dinner Party

2017 — Squarespace site for a creative agency, including custom scroll-based animations.


2016 — AngularJS front end for a site installation, including iPad kiosk and TV display.

Garage Magazine

2016 — AngularJS front end for a magazine’s Augmented Reality app.

Iron Claw

2013 — WordPress site for a production studio, including custom page transition animations. (Dev)


2011 — Design and jQuery front end for a scheduling web app.